Van Rhijn Aerial Photography

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Van Rhijn fly out of Welshpool, near Shrewsbury, as well as Manchester, so are well placed to cover the whole of Great Britain and Ireland.

We use a Cessna 172 high-wing aircraft or Bell JetRanger helicopter depending of the type of work involved.

In 2003 we changed over from traditional Medium Format roll film photography to high resolution digital, using Canon professional equipment.

This radical move was in response to the evolving needs of our customers who increasingly are moving away from hard copy prints to digital images, which gives them wider control over their images.

We were pleased (and relieved!) that the changeover was well received by all our customers, particularly those who had feared it might be at the expense of quality.

Our work finds its way into many commercial disciplines and our gallery is just a small sample of commissioned work and shots that have purely taken our fancy.

Our UK aerial photography customer base consists mainly of:

We don't go in for 'mission statements' but do keep in mind that well known commercialism:

"you are only as good as your last job"

This serves to remind us of the need to continually maintain high standards if we want to keep our valued customers happy!